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Dealing with the “Old School”

There is currently a renaissance taking place in the firearms industry. If you take a look at the landscape, especially in relation to training opportunities; you will find a young, innovative group of instructors beginning to take the lead. There … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the 20/20 Special: “Young Guns”

With this blog post I am going to deal with the 20/20 special aired on 1/31/14 entitled “Young Guns”. As defenders of the 2nd Amendment, we must be prepared to articulately refute these sorts of hatchet jobs with sound logic … Continue reading

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My Every Day Carry (EDC) Setup

The two questions that I get asked more often than not as an instructor are: “What do you recommend I carry?” and “What do you carry?” With this post I am going to detail what I usually walk out the … Continue reading

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