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The 6 Most Annoying Gun Cliches (updated)

Anyone who has been a part of America’s gun culture for a good amount of time has probably heard plenty of clichés at the gun store counter or the local range. With the growth of social media over the past … Continue reading

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Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks: It’s called Neuroplasticity

I often have students on my range who have previously learned and practiced shooting in a way that is counterintuitive and doesn’t work well in the context of self-defense. Typically, these students “came up” shooting bullseye targets in the Weaver … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Oregon Spree-murder: Always Fight

Once again, mass murder has occurred in the United States. This time, it took place at a small community college in Oregon. Before the bodies of the victims had even been removed from the building, the predictable political talking points … Continue reading

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