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Use of Deadly Force in Defense of a 3rd Person: My Analyis of Southlake “Good Samaritan” Story

The interwebs have been buzzing over the past 72 hours with the story of an armed citizen in Southlake, Texas who stopped a brutal assault by calling the police and confronting the attacker with his handgun without having to fire … Continue reading

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Ideal Student Mindset

In my previous post “Is Training for Me?” I went into detail about what type of student I like to have in my class as far as their background, lifestyle, etc. In this post I want to talk about the … Continue reading

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Constitutional Carry and the 84th Texas Legislature

When the 84TH Texas Legislature convenes on January 13, 2015; the debate over the open carry of handguns in Texas will likely take center stage. Newly elected Governor Greg Abbott vowed to sign open carry legislation as one of his … Continue reading

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