Train to Defend Yourself

Discover how to defend yourself and your family with a handgun in the event of an unexpected attack. The evil that exists in this world isn’t afraid of the card in your wallet! You have a responsibility to become more dangerous to the bad guy through realistic training and practice. We are here to help you learn how to survive the worst-case scenario

Fundamental Defense exists to provide Texans in Dallas/Fort Worth and around the state of Texas with the best defensive firearms training on the market.

Our Training Programs:

  • Defensive Focus® Shooting: An intuitive defensive shooting program designed to make the student more efficient with a firearm in the context of a worst case scenario.
    • Nationally renowned defensive shooting curriculum created by Rob Pincus
    • 1/2, 1 or 2 day classes that are great for any level of shooter to learn and develop defensive shooting skills
    • Great for ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS— No prerequisites!


  • Texas License to Carry PLUS: We go above and beyond in our licensing class. We strive to make sure that we not only meet but exceed the state-mandated curriculum so that our students are confident in their understanding of the state law and are equipped with the tools necessary to continue to train and become proficient with their defensive firearms.
    • 4-6 hours of classroom training
    • 2 hours of basic defensive handgun instruction and state proficiency qualification
    • Public and Private classes available
    • Personalized instruction and small class sizes for an optimal learning environment

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